Custom Clothing

The James Davis team has more than 150 years of combined experience in custom tailoring men’s clothing. Whether you are looking for a perfectly tailored shirt, a wear-with-everything sport coat or a suit that fits you like a glove, we offer a personalized clothing experience that ensures you look and feel your best.

What makes custom clothing so special? It is made specifically for your body and your style. Custom clothing is about the shape of the shoulders, the position of the neck, the ratio of the torso and the length in the arms. Custom clothing is about the amount of tension in the waistband, the shape of the seat and the relationship of the thigh, knee and hem. But more than just those individual body measurements, custom clothing is also about lifestyle. From where you prefer to carry your wallet or phone to how much you want to showcase the time you’ve spent in the gym, custom clothing is designed to complement and enhance the life you lead. Ultimately, custom clothing is about caring enough about the image you project and the way your clothes make you feel to work with experts who know how to get you the perfect fit.

Our team takes great pride in helping guide our customers through the custom clothing process, leveraging our experience and insights to deliver garments made just for you. Our expert tailors will work with you to select from hundreds of the world’s finest fabrics. Our extensive relationships across the clothing industry give you access to materials that satisfy both your quality requirements and your price point. We take more than a dozen measurements to ensure accuracy, and use custom try on garments to deliver the fit and style that work best for you.

Prices for custom clothing vary. For example, a custom suit starts at $795, and delivery of the final product usually takes around three weeks.

Learn more about the pleasures of custom clothing by visiting our James Davis studio. Our tailors would be happy to give you a tour and explain exactly what makes a custom clothing so special.

Experience the difference of clothing that is tailored to your body and your lifestyle. Visit James Davis and let our expert tailors take your personal style to the next level.